Success Stories


“As I show up in dating as my full, bold self, I’m starting to attract the men I always wanted to attract. The men I attracted before are no longer attractive. I’m looking at people in a different way and it’s more about who’s the right fit for me rather than me trying to be the right fit for another person…Now, I feel my most feminine and attractive.”


“For the first time ever, I’m able to communicate what I want and need! I feel confident expressing these needs (with men) without feeling awkward. My body feels so much safer (in dating)!”


“I was able to call in The One and I’m in a beautiful committed partnership now. I’ve completely transformed my relationship with myself, I just feel so much more in tune with my body.There’s just a genuine self-acceptance that I didn’t feel like I truly had before, and I get to walk this earth feeling so much more safe. This program has really helped me love myself and my partner in a deeper way, it’s just profound.”


“In this program, I’ve been able to really get in touch with my inner desires that have been buried for such a long time that I didn’t even think I had them anymore. I’m no longer afraid to date, in fact I feel so excited to get out and explore. I’ve realized that my relationship with myself is a direct reflection of the type of people I call into my life – and I feel so much more connected to myself and can hold an unwavering presence for myself.”


“My relationship to myself and others has changed dramatically. I feel so much more love and compassion for myself, have strong loving boundaries that allow me to navigate intimacy at MY pace, and feel so much more permission to be authentic to my needs and desires. I’m actually allowing myself to go slow, and date – and it feels so much more fun – rather than jumping from relationship to relationship. The pressure is gone and I feel so empowered.”


“I feel much more in touch with what I want & need, and clear about who I need to be to attract a partner into my life. I feel more confident, and less insecure and shut down. I’m enjoying this process. I’m having so much fun, I’ve truly rediscovered a sense of play and I’m enjoying dating – which is huge because I used to have this narrative that I didn’t like dating. I’m attracting multiple people and getting vulnerable in ways that I’ve never done before with men – because now I feel much more in tune with my own femininity, my sexuality, and my body than I ever did before.”


“I had so many more breakthroughs and shifts with Lee and Ani than I have from being in therapy for the last decade. I’m actually really intimate with myself for the first time in my life. I’m more connected to my own needs, instead of just jumping to please others. I’m no longer seeking and dependent on validation from my partner or others, and able to see my own worth. I love how Ani and Lee are so real, open and honest about their relationship. The other women in the program are dope as hell. It’s such a beautiful container.”


“Before Aligned Attraction, I really didn’t know what I wanted in dating and it wasn’t intentional. It was a much more thoughtful and deep program than I expected from the beginning. And we went really deep, really quickly with an incredible group of women who were really down to go there. So I actually found it much more valuable than kind of one-on-one therapy or coaching. The dynamic between Lee and Ani had a big impact on me – seeing a very healthy relationship modeled is an extremely unique aspect of this program.”


“I can own who I am and have always been…the version of me who feels free, who loves expressing, who is flirty and makes eye contact, who uses intimate communication and is very intentional. I love being flirty and letting my power out!”


“I’ve been able to get clear on what I want and how to express it, as well as how to communicate boundaries. I’m able to have conversations I wasn’t able to have before. I feel empowered that I can and will have it all.”


“I called someone in the day after the program started! When I started to embody the teachings, I felt so connected to my body and its desires. Now I can manifest almost immediately; it’s wild!”


“Working with Lee, I have been able to realize my power as a full complete woman. I’ve had the courage to put my feet into the waters of a new relationship and discover the beauty of a partner that is loving, intimate, emotionally connected; one that I can really value, enjoy, and nurture.”

But this experience isn’t for everyone…

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