Meet Your Mentors

Ani Manian & Lee Noto

Co-Founders of Aligned Attraction

Hey! We’re Ani & Lee, and we’re on a mission to help one million women cultivate the skills and capacity for healthy, thriving intimacy!

Because ALL of our problems as a human collective come from not knowing how to lovingly relate — to ourselves and to each other. 

If you look any any conflict or challenge — global or personal — it stems from unresolved wounding, unexpressed emotions, an inability to self- regulate, the fabrication of ideas and stories, and ineffective (and even violent) communication.

But what would the world look like if we learned how to intimately and effectively relate to ourselves and each other from a place of compassion and curiosity?

We’d create a radically different reality for ourselves and world around us…

However, as a society, we weren’t taught how to do this…

Even in our own households growing up, we both saw and experienced unhealthy models of intimacy between our parents and towards us.

Which means, we ourselves, had many failed relationships…

Not because they didn’t last, but because we repeated the same painful patterns over and over again…

It wasn’t until we met each other that we were able to roll our sleeves up and become the mad scientists of our love lives, working through our most challenging patterns with each other.

And let us tell you, it wasn’t always easy. It required effort and intention.

In all the growth we’ve experienced, we don’t, for a minute, claim to be ‘perfect…’

But we do show up with epic amounts of grit, determination, and desire to co-create the most fulfilling lives we can!

And now, we want to show you how you can create a Resilient Relationship — one that GIVES you energy, creates space for you to be your most authentic self, and allows you (and your partner) to evolve alongside each other!

Now, many years later, living and leading this work taken us around the globe many times over to learn from and teach with some of the world’s top experts on love and relationships.

Combined, we have more than two decades of studying in this field and have spent tens of thousands of hours teaching and coaching others.

We are also both trauma trained psychedelic therapists, who are deeply studied and practiced in helping our clients lovingly resolve trauma, so they can finally create the love lives they’ve been dreaming of.

We’re here to show you a new way to approach love – one that is full of authenticity, vibrance, connection & pleasure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aligned Attraction is a modern day relationship school for self-aware women who are ready to break old patterns and create a healthy, thriving, committed relationship.

You’re a woman who values and prioritizes her personal development and knows that the quality of her relationships determines the quality of her life

You see similar patterns coming up that are keeping you from having the committed, healthy, thriving relationship you desire and you’d like expert support and a powerful community, so you can get to where you want, faster

Whether you’re:

  • Single and not actively dating (but would love to start dating again soon)
  • Are actively dating one or more men in a less committed way (and want to move toward commitment)
  • Are dating one man in a more focused way (and want to deepen commitment and connection)

You deeply desire at least one of the scenarios below:

  • If you are single and struggling to meet high quality men: You want to be able to attract men who are emotionally available and ready to commit
  • If you are single + actively dating: You want to overcome undesirable patterns & be able to progress casual dating into a more serious commitment
  • If you are dating in a more focused way: You want to overcome undesirable patterns + create a healthy thriving relationship + be able to deepen your relationship and build toward creating a future that’s based on a shared vision & values

Here in Aligned Attraction, we help you:

  • Overcome unhealthy relationship patterns caused by conditioning, childhood wounding, and past heartbreak
  • Get clear on your core values in dating and love, so you build relationships with men who share your values
  • Create a vision for your love life that allows you to move forward with clarity
  • Create and keep the spark alive in your relationships
  • Identify, navigate, regulate, and communicate your emotions, to create deeper intimacy with yourself & their partners
  • Embrace and navigate your sensuality and sexuality from a place of empowerment and authenticity
  • Relate to yourself and your partners with love and compassion
  • Develop the capacity for safe, loving, healthy and deeply intimate relationships

We’ve had the privilege of supporting numerous women, just like you, in breaking free from unhelpful patterns in their dating and love life. 100% of these women report feeling more confident, authentic and safe to be themselves in dating and love, and many have gone on to create healthy, thriving, committed relationships.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way on this journey…all you have to do is be willing to be coached and supported, while taking radical responsibility as the creator of your life.  If you decide that this will be the most profound journey of your life, it will.

Inside Aligned Attraction, you’ll be guided by a couple who has created the result you desire — a thriving, healthy relationship based on shared values, authentic communication, passion & play, and a commitment to growth.

Both of us (Ani & Lee) are trauma trained practitioners and have deep experience in working with individuals who have experienced trauma. Our #1 priority in this program is to provide a safe space, full of secure, loving connection, so you can show up fully and authentically as YOU.

You’ll receive coaching from both a man and woman, providing you with well-rounded perspective and guidance that is as direct as it is loving.

We believe that we’re dynamic beings, which means sticking to one approach just doesn’t work. We incorporate modalities, teachings, and guidance informed by psychology,  neuroscience, various Eastern spiritual modalities, Tantra, and more.

More than anything, our #1 promise is that you have a consistent, loving space & community that will support you every step of the way. You will feel:

  • Deeply safe to be seen and be completely YOU
  • Securely held in all of your emotions, fears, thoughts, beliefs
  • Wildly expressed + celebrated
  • Connected to the depth of your emotions, desires, needs, sensuality & sexuality
  • After all, this is how you want to feel with your man, this is a space where you get to practice FEELING that way now!

Lifetime access to The Aligned Attraction Course

Lifetime access to The Aligned Attraction Community

12 months of access to 2x/monthly live coaching calls

12 months of access to quarterly live, virtual retreats

12 months of access to all bonus trainings & workshops

We know you lead a busy, engaging life, so we’ve designed the program to help you create results as efficiently and effectively as possible.

By investing 1-2 hours per week, you can attend the live coaching calls + watch some of lessons from the course, and apply the teachings.

In order to make the most of your experience, we highly recommend taking what you learn and implementing it in your day to day life, so you can ensure that the changes stick!

We truly believe that having powerful, personalized guidance, a supportive community full of women who believe in you, and a consistent, safe space to come back to is vital for your transformation, that’s why we provide an entire year of access to the 2x/monthly calls, live virtual retreats, and any bonus trainings/workshops.

The Aligned Attraction Course is a self-paced experience that you will have lifetime access too, so you can move through that as quickly or slowly as you want. You’ll be able to go back and rewatch content as many times as you’d like + get access to all new content as we update the course.

You will also have lifetime access to the Aligned Attraction Community.

As soon as you’re accepted into the program, you will get access to the course + the live calls and will be able to begin right away.

The 2x/monthly calls take place every other Wednesday evening from 6-8pm CT.

The quarterly retreat dates will be shared on the shared Aligned Attraction Calendar as the next date gets set.

If you are unable to make a call or retreat, not to fret! All calls will be recorded and stored in your private course portal for lifetime access.

If we determine that you are a fit for the program, we will share this information with you on our interview call.

Are you ready to UNLOCK your

true potential in love?

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