Ep. 25: Getting F*cking Honest About Emasculation & Dating w/ Monica Yates

Are you a strong woman with men in your life? Do you wonder why they’re being such “d*ckheads” and you can’t seem to find any of the “good men?” Then this episode is going to totally change how you relate to them. 

Today, my friend Monica Yates joined me for a spicy conversation about the ways we, as strong women, emasculate the men in our lives. Now, if you don’t think you do this, you may be surprised to find you either currently do or you have in the past. But that’s ok, most of us women have done this, because we weren’t taught a better way.

In fact, Monica shares how she’s done ALL these things and how she learned from them and was able to totally change her relationships with men for the better. 

As strong women, who want to own our own sh*t, it turns out we can be creating a divide between us and men. It’s actually ok to relax and let a man open a f*cking door once in a while WITHOUT being a doormat. You can still be a powerful woman and allow yourself to be taken care of. 

What you’ll get from this episode:

  • What is emasculation and how are we as strong women inadvertently doing it on a regular basis
  • The biological differences between men and women and what each sex can do best – allowing women to be feminine and men to be masculine
  • Where all the “good men” have gone and why you can’t find one
  • The main thing women don’t know about that men LOVE
  • What men want women to know especially in the dating scene

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