Ep. 76: How Krista Manifested her Future Hubby

Girrrrllll, you better put a seat belt on for this episode, because Krista and Johnny take us on the wild, romantic adventure, where they share: 

  • How they met + exactly what they did to attract and be ready for each other

  • The time she blurted out she wanted a fat diamond ring (+ Johnny’s surprising response)

  • How the Aligned Attraction Mentorship supported Krista in getting clear on and going for what she really desired in love

  • Not one, but two AMAZING love poems (that Krista and Johnny wrote for each other)

  • How they’re intentionally planning their future together

This one is a juicy love story for the ages! 

This is what happens when you’re willing to show up and fully commit to yourself + when you have the right guidance and support on the journey!

To connect w/ Krista & Johnny, find them on Instagram: @largekrista @johnnyronca

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