Ep. 75: Feminine Communication that Inspires His Commitment

Being in our feminine energy is NOT about…

  • Wearing makeup and looking “pretty”
  • Silencing our thoughts, opinions & beliefs 
  • Being blindly submissive 

In fact, being in our feminine energy is one of the MOST powerful places we can be…

When we’re here, we:

  • Feel deeply safe in our own bodies 
  • Can relax, take a deep breath, and surrender
  • Are connected to our needs, boundaries & desires 
  • Are fully & authentically expressed
  • Are magnetic & irresistible to ourselves (& to high quality men)!

In this episode, I share: 

  • What masculine & feminine energy is (& how it impacts the kind of man you attract)
  • The difference between a masculine & feminine state of attention (+ how BOTH are needed in dating)
  • How to communicate from masculine & feminine energy 
  • Why men can’t resist a woman who knows how to communicate from her feminine energy

These are just one of many deeply spiritual, yet practical teachings we help you embody inside Aligned Attraction

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See you inside, babe! 


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