Ep. 33: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Energy

In this episode, I am coming to you from a place of feeling empowered but also tender. 

Ani (my partner) and I just got back from a trip to New York. It was the first time back to the place we both called home since the pandemic started. 

And while this trip wasn’t entirely the fun jaunt through the city I expected, it was deeply transformative and gave me the closure I needed. 

I felt so safe in New York that, when I left in 2019, I felt entirely ungrounded and like I lost part of my identity…including my sexual identity. 

This change was so major and shook my world up so much, that I looked for anything to latch on to just to gain more control…

And the more I tried to control things, the more I lost my sex drive and the more I created separation and conflict in my relationship…

If any of this sounds familiar for you, this episode will give you some insight into why you may have created this dynamic in your relationships. I hope hearing how I’ve dealt with my own feelings of lack of safety help you feel validated in your emotions and experience. 

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The story of our move from NY to Austin
  • The unexpected downside to being a digital nomad & the impact on my sex life
  • The hidden ways we try to create safety, but actually create separation in our relationships 
  • How I reclaimed my sexuality after an almost 2 year period of feeling unsettled, ungrounded & disconnected 


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