Ep. 32: The Beliefs That Are Keeping You From Finding Love w/ Ani Manian

Hey babe, Ani and I are back with another power-packed episode! 

What would you say if I told you the things you believe now are keeping you from creating your dream relationship? And what if I told you that you have the power to overcome old patterns and create what you desire? Would you wanna know more? 

If you’re willing to try on a new perspective, while also receiving some GREAT sex puns, then this episode is for you. 😉

I used to think things like “I’ll never find a man who can meet me at my level,” or “all the woke dudes who are doing the inner work are already taken…” It was those beliefs that created my very bleak reality. And guess where that left me? Single and/or dating emotionally unavailable men. 

In fact, I carried plenty of (false) beliefs like this into my relationship with Ani…and they almost led to our demise, many times!

In this episode we uncover the beliefs and patterns that are keeping you from creating your dream power couple partnership and how to overcome them. 

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • The most common myths about love for powerful women, debunked
  • How the beliefs you currently hold about love are keeping you from experiencing  your epic love story + how to let go of them
  • The #1 fear for most powerful women when it comes to love and how to overcome it
  • The most important energetic principle to master when it comes to love
  • Why Ani and I ultimately chose to end our relationship (get ready for a plot twist)!


Aligned Attraction: A modern relationship school for self-aware women who are ready to break old patterns and create soul-level love

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