Ep. 26: Lee Tells All: Overcoming relationship hardships

Hello sister, 

This episode is different from any other episode I’ve recorded for this podcast. It’s the most honest, the most vulnerable, and the most raw I’ve ever been.  Grab the tissues, because I definitely cried talking about this. 

In this episode, I get really honest about what I’m going through both in my relationship with myself and my relationship with my partner, Ani. Because my work is centered around helping women create their dream partnerships, it can sometimes feel scary for me to talk about the hardships I’m experiencing and admit that I don’t have it “all figured out.”

Yet, I realize that in order for me to help you create your dream partnerships, it’s important for me to be radically honest in showing you what the process of creating power couple partnership ACTUALLY looks like. Let me just say, it’s not always “sunshine and rainbows.” There are plenty of thunderstorms…but I do believe that the rain can sometimes clear the path for new flowers to grow.

If any part of this episode resonates with you and you feel you need support. Please reach out to me. I would love to be the support that you need. You can connect with me on Instagram: @LeeNoto_ or send me an email: hello@leenoto.com.

What you’ll get from this episode:

  • How mother wound and childhood conditioning has impacted the way I interact in my relationships
  • The thought process I use to uncover subconscious beliefs and patterns that may be holding you back
  • What your relationship could look like if you make the choice to work through trauma and co-create with your partner
  • How I’ve allowed shame to destroy intimacy in my relationships and what I’m choosing to create instead 
  • What it takes to create something new in your life that you’ve never created before & how you’d have to show up
  • My commitment to radical responsibility and honesty in my life and relationships moving forward


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